Wednesday, March 5, 2014

save with jamie - spiced beef tagine

With lots of leftover roast beef from our previous night's dinner I was ready to plan on making a handful of Save with Jamie's beef recipes. First off, I decided to tackle Jamie's Spiced Beef Tagine. This recipe has one of the longest ingredient lists I've come across. Luckily, I only had to buy 4 key ingredients (olives, tomatoes, potatoes and mint) as everything else was on hand.

I'd be willing to admit this is an overall quick meal to prepare, however I made a huge error that set us back on our cook time. I used 2 russet potatoes which was far too much potato for the meal. I guess Jamie is, without saying, indicating small (Carlingford) potatoes. It took ages to get these potatoes to be cooked through and it certainly didn't help that I cut them too large to begin with. After all was said and done with the stew, there is a final step of adding segmented orange, mint and shredded carrots as garnish. I have to admit, those flavours didn't seem to blend very well with the rest of the stew. Infact, overall the list of ingredients were a slightly odd combination that really didn't work for me (Owen seemed to enjoy it, but he's loved all the Save with Jamie meals). The spice blend of garam masala and cumin was certainly nice. But as far as the overall experience I doubt we'd attempt this meal again.

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