Sunday, July 4, 2010

egg in the hole turned egg on a blanket

The one recipe in the Everyday Food book that I was surprised to see was Egg in the Hole. This is probably the first thing I ever learned to make on the stove top and I still enjoy frequently. I got Nuno into them as well but he's managed to take this recipe and run with it.

This is the Egg in the Hole made according to Everyday Food's instructions. The only difference from the way I make it is that it's made with olive oil instead of butter. Didn't think much of that revision, but it made a huge difference. In the past I've burned plenty of Egg in the Hole breakfasts because butter burns at such a low temperature. Olive oil is like Egg in the Hole insurance. The flavour is amazing too. We've actually switched to using olive oil instead of butter from now on.

The other day we were out of bread so Nuno improvised and used a flour tortilla instead. It's quite a neat twist. You can enjoy the egg more because there is less bread to eat around, the egg covers more surface of the tortilla and the cut-out hole makes for eating a soft-set center like scooping a tortilla chip.

It's quite crispy and nice and we were thinking that if you added just a little water to the pan near the end of cooking you will end up with a softer tortilla and you can then fill it with filling such as guacamole and salsa!

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