Tuesday, August 2, 2011

turkey burgers with grilled corn on the cob

Everyday Food Great Food Fast claims to have 'Our Favourite Turkey Burger'. Could this be ours as well? Let's see...

These turkey burgers take a mixture of breadcrumbs, gruyere cheese, scallions, garlic, dijon and s&p. I used two forks to bring the ingredients together (which is a great tip) and formed them into patties. A few hours later I gave them to Nuno to grill. So, as usual, he cranked the heat to the highest setting and seared the outside, then moved them to a cool part of the BBQ to finish cooking. 

Then there was a side of Grilled Corn on the Cob from Everyday Food Great Food Fast. I've done grilled corn before by par-boiling a cob and finishing on the BBQ to get a nice grill flavour. But this recipe indicated to soak the cobs and husks in cold water first for 10 minutes then grill. Yeah, it didn't work out very well. These cobs were farm fresh but after grilling they became hard and dry. Even smothering in Butter Boy butter and chili powder didn't salvage the cobs. 
But the good news here is that, without a doubt, these are the best turkey burgers I've ever eaten. We both loved them and I'm planning on making them again very soon this summer. Super Yum!

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alicia said...

i like the addition of gruyere cheese! num nums!