Tuesday, June 7, 2011

spring vegetable risotto

I'm blogging about a dinner that I had very little to do with. Maybe I shouldn't say that because I shopped for all the ingredients. I couldn't stop myself from going a little overboard shopping at the farm stand last week when I returned home with some asparagus from Tina's.  Although it wasn't an ingredient in this Spring Vegetable Risotto from the first Everyday Food book Great Food Fast, I can't imagine it without it!
So to give credit where due, Nuno made this entire recipe. That includes perfectly preparing the asparagus when it wasn't even called for as an ingredient. I can't help but continually say, "So delicious. We loved it!" when I talk about every single thing we eat. So I'm going to be redundant again by stating it applies to this recipe. Such a winner. Owen was such a a little vegetable eater with this one because along with asparagus this risotto also includes zucchini and peas. I think this dinner could go horribly wrong if you overcook the vegetables. You want them soft with a bit of bite.

When Owen was finally feeling better we took him to an animal farm close to home. His reaction was so much more intrigued this time compared to our first visit earlier this spring in Sarnia. He waved at all the animals as if he was introducing himself to them.
I could not get over how adorable this bunny is.
 How perfect is it that the pigs were covered in mud?
 I think he likes the horses the most, we had to tear him away from this foal.

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