Thursday, October 20, 2011

coconut shrimp soup

Last night we had Everyday Food Great Food Fast’s Coconut Shrimp Soup.
And as you can tell it didn’t quite turn out very soup-like. Substituting spaghettini for angel hair pasta sure makes a difference along with doubling the amount of pasta. But what did it matter because I almost like eating coconut shrimp noodles better than a soup anyways. It was easier for Owen to enjoy (which he did with the addition of edamames). The flavours in this recipe are SO nice. From the moment you heat the ginger, garlic and peppers you just know this will be a delicious meal. And we all love anything sweet or savory with coconut.
One thing we noticed was that you need to add A LOT of salt. I must have added at least ½ tsp to my serving alone. But once it was seasoned properly it was absoultely delicious.

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