Friday, September 17, 2010

moo shu pork

Here is Wednesday night's Moo Shu Pork.

This is an old standby recipe for us. We've been making it since it was first published in January 2008. We loved it first try and I was pleased to see it compiled in the Everyday Food Fresh Flavour Fast book. It tastes completely different than anything else we make. I'm not sure how 'authentic' the flavour is because I don't have a lot of experience with Chinese take-out, but we love it just the same. Hoisin sauce is a key garnish on this, so don't make this recipe without it.

The one thing that I somehow never took note of before was how time consuming this recipe is. I think it is probably because you must clean and trim the pork loin, which, if you're very particular like me, can take quite a bit of time. The same goes for the shiitake mushrooms. I have a bit of a beef with these mushrooms because I don't think they should be sold with stems. I've never seen a recipe that uses them and since portobellos are typically sold without stems, shiitakes should be as well since they are just wasted weight and packaging. Anyways, when it's indicated to expect to have this dinner ready in 45 minutes, I'd say it's way closer to an hour. If we ever make this on a weeknight again Nuno and I will both have to work together to tie this one up quicker.

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