Friday, October 8, 2010

roasted stuffed chicken and broccoli and gingered plum shortcake

We have the ultimate 'guys' meal here. Both Owen and Nuno went crazy over this dinner of Roasted Stuffed Chicken and Broccoli.
This is the typical meal I don't enjoy. I'm not into traditional dinners at all and Thanksgiving is probably prime example. But, you know, when it's been ages since you've had something like this it can be really nice. Both Nuno and I had chicken breasts and Owen had a chicken thigh all stuffed. The stuffing was really nice and simple, but super flavourful. Want to know the secret to great stuffing? Sage! Dried sage in the stuffing and I added fresh leaves across the top of the chicken for added flavour.

The Ginger Plum Shortcakes were a sinch to make and don't they look lovely? I didn't really like them as much as Owen and Nuno did. Owen was such a good little baby eating his broccoli whole. I'm surprised he didn't reject it, but once I tasted the broccoli I realized that roasting is the best way of prepping it (without all that gross processed cheese spread over top). As a reward Owen had his own Gingered Plum Shortcake!

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