Sunday, October 24, 2010

glazed chocolate cake

If there is a heaven, which I don't believe there is, but if I'm incorrect and it exists, I'll be feasting on this Glazed Chocolate Cake night and day - slim all the while.

This cake is my new favourite dessert and will be my go-to chocolate cake recipe from here on out. Some things are so simple and sublime and this cake is the epitome of that. If you are going to try any recipe from Everyday Food, Fresh Flavour Fast let it be this one. It was so much fun to bake I'd say I had a few 'Joy of Baking' moments here. It's very moist, dark and rich and the glaze is the perfect accompaniment if you are anything like me and aren't into icing. But if you are, well, I hope you plan on attending Owen's first birthday party because we have an icing winner! The glazed chocolate cake became our first birthday cake fondant test. 

I can't stand fondant. I didn't want it for our wedding cake and I always breathe a sigh of slight disappointment when I am served a slice with this chewy sickly-sweet cake slayer. But Nuno insisted that Owen's first birthday cake needed fondant to pull off the style, so we put our trust in Duff's (Ace of Cake) butter cream fondant. 

Nuno nailed this tester in mere minutes and we were both in shock at how simple it is to do. He then made me a tiny petits fours with the scraps of cake & fondant for a taste test and I can tell you this fondant is unbelievably good. I'm a convert, fondant can be delicious and easy to work with.

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