Tuesday, June 22, 2010

pasta with roasted summer vegetables and basil

Yesterday was the first day of summer so I made Pasta with Roasted Summer Vegetables and Basil.

All our vegetables were from the farmer's market and Harvest Barn. Although the recipe calls for summer squash, grape tomatoes, garlic and red onion I also added zucchini and asparagus into the mix. Not only did I stray from the type of pasta suggested and the vegetable selection, I also modified the cooking process. It was such a beautiful & warm day I couldn't bear to do as the instructions say on this recipe and heat the oven to 400 for 40 minutes. So I did as this similar recipe for Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables (and a favourite recipe of ours) indicates and pan fried on the stove top. I chose to use Scoobi-Do pasta because I figured Owen could munch on a few corkscrews. He didn't get too far with that, so I pureed this unseasoned pasta dish for him. He didn't jump on board with that. But can you blame him? This is a whole whack of new flavours. So he ended up with chicken and cereal.

But for us we really enjoyed this dish. The basil does it. I love how the fresh basil enhances the flavour of all the vegetables. So good, but not as good as the Gnocchi with Summer Vegetables recipe so I'll probably just stick with that one.

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