Sunday, August 21, 2011

spaghetti with oven-roasted tomatoes

This is Linguine with Grilled Tomatoes... or as I made it Spaghetti with Oven Roasted Tomatoes.
This is another from Everyday Food Great Food Fast but I took it off in my own direction. This recipe asks for you to barbecue the tomatoes. Oven roasting brings out their natural sweetness of tomatoes and if you haven't tried it yet you really must. Right now Roma tomatoes are in bounty and cheap (!). Nothing burns me up more than paying $4.00 for only a few of them in the middle of winter. So we loaded up on bags of them and I oven roasted them with olive oil, coriander and s&p. One hour later they were ready to be stored and used later for the quickest dinner of all time.

We had whole wheat spaghetti with this to add a little nutty flavour. I'm picky about whole wheat spaghetti and will only have it with certain sauces and it works very well with this one. A bit of fresh thyme, parmesan and more olive oil and s&p and dinner is served. So delish!

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