Tuesday, September 7, 2010

chicken milanese with arugula salad and creamy polenta with spicy chilie oil

Last night we had Chicken Milanese with Arugula Salad and Creamy Polenta with Spicy Chilie Oil.

This dinner was super delicious. It's been months since we've had the boring old chicken breast for dinner, so they are a bit of a novelty after this length of time. The recipe requires the oven, but it was easy enough to make these stove top. The breading on the chicken seemed really basic and as I was making this I wondered if it was even a recipe. But this is the best breaded chicken I've ever made! It reminds me a lot of schnitzel because it has a light coating that didn't seem to require heavy seasoning. Paired with the arugula salad - Wow! I'll be making this dinner again indefinitely. I love this salad and if there were any left over I'd be having it for lunch. It's the quickest and simplest salad I can think of and probably my favourite as a side.

We decided to have the creamy polenta on the side to help round out Owen's dinner portion. The recipe is not from the Everyday Food Book but from Everyday Food Magazine's April 2009 issue. For Owen's portion I gave him a breaded and fried piece of chicken and polenta (w/o spicy chilie oil) blitzed in the food processor. He kept saying, "num, num, num". Yep, babies somehow naturally make that sound when the eatin' is good.

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