Friday, September 9, 2011

watercress, endive and grilled-peach salad and shrimp gazpacho

Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it to blog about recipe duds. I was about to all but forget about these two dinners from this past week but then thought it makes sense to archive it anyways just in case my sieve of a mind forgets.
This seems potentially good using fresh peaches and arugula instead of watercress (sorry, does anyone eat watercress?). But all these flavours didn’t match or compliment. It was just a random mix of ingredients that would have tasted better eaten separately.

Then there is this total flop – Shrimp Gazpacho
My goodness this was hard to choke down. Tastes similar to a cocktail sauce in soup form without the horseradish flavour. I used fresh field tomatoes and it still didn’t help. Nuno and I were both craving carbs in the worst way after only a couple spoonfuls of this dinner! So I grabbed the closest thing and ate half a bag of Owen’s Goldfish crackers which were so much more satisfying than this soup. And that’s saying a lot because I swore I’d never eat these crackers, but desperation set in and I was weak.

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