Friday, September 3, 2010

eggplant caponata

Last night we had Everyday Food's Eggplant Caponata.

This dish is found under the appetizer section of the book and is suggested to be served many ways including on crostini, on an antipasti plate or over pasta. I opted to go with pasta and make a meal of this. After doing so, it's definitely a better choice to go with the two former. The flavour works so much better, ideally, on bread. Not to say that it wasn't good on pasta, but I don't know if you can imagine eating relish on a pasta, but that is what it was like. It has a strong vinegar flavour with a contrast of sweet and spicy. It is a really nice flavour and if I make an antipasti plate in the future I'll be sure to make this again. It was very quick since it was just a matter of spooning several pantry ingredients and chopping an onion and eggplant. A quick sautee and it's done!

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