Sunday, May 30, 2010

mexican ice cream sundaes with cinnamon-chocolate sauce

We had a very fun and exciting weekend. It started out with us finding a Quinny stroller for Owen on sale for $100 off at Babies R Us. No rain checks on this deal - thank goodness we live just down the street. So I booked it on down there and picked one up. I really could rant and rave on and on about our Graco travel system. For months now my legs are covered in bruises, so many that I actually went for blood work not realizing it was the stroller and seat that were doing it to me. Well, this Quinny stroller is light & compact and eases my mind completely from the worries I had about traveling up to the cottage (our Graco takes up the entire trunk!). Not only that, it's a real looker!
We walk up and down the canal, sometimes 3 times a day, so swapping out strollers was the right choice for us.

We walked the Rankin Run with Owen Saturday morning. Here's my two cuties!

Then the rest of the weekend was spent by the pool swimming in the backyard.

Owen just got this baby float and he loves it. I wasn't sure he was enjoying swim class since he always appears a little skiddish and not his normal energetic self while in the pool. Now that he's in the backyard pool he's full of life kicking and smiling. I'm so happy it's not the water that made him uncomfortable, it's probably the ancient, stinky, echoey with squeals of children and babies crying West Park Pool that he's not into.

Lastly, I have to blog about my limited food prep this weekend. I only made Mexican Ice Cream Sundaes with Cinnamon-Chocolate Sauce. This recipe is as good as buying a sundae out. I think the added touch of toasted coconut and cinnamon that does it. I can firmly say that a $7 pint of Haagen Dazs Dulce De Lece ice cream wasn't. I'll never again buy Haagen Dazs, but I would make this sundae again.

This recipe was only disappointing because of a couple issues with the execution. You can tell by the photo that the ice cream melted fast in the heat along with the addition of the warm chocolate sauce. Another issue I had was having the chocolate sauce split and not knowing how to fix it. Turns out you must beat it into submission. These two issues didn't affect the taste in anyway so I feel it's fair to say this recipe was a winner.

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