Thursday, August 26, 2010

classic ice cream sandwiches

Boy, was I looking forward to making these Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches!

There were many steps to get to this final stage. First starting off with baking a super-thin cake on a cookie sheet. I took great care in using my offset spatula to get an even thickness. It baked up beautifully.

Then, instead of what the recipe suggests of using 2 pints of store bought ice cream, I decided to make my own. It took me a while to decide, but David Lebovitz's malted milk ice cream was my pick. It is something different that you can't purchase in the store, so I like the novelty of it.

Once I got the ice cream to the proper state of frozen, I slathered it on the two sheets of chocolate cake and felt like a total pro at this point. That's when everything fell apart. I might have attempted to slice into bars before they were quite frozen enough, but they really finished up messy. It might also have to do with making my own ice cream which doesn't have the same sort of freezing properties as regular ice cream which has chemical stabilizers. When I wrapped my eight bars in plastic they are so amateur looking. I guess it wouldn't matter much, but I was planning on bringing these to a mom meet-up tomorrow. I'm afraid that in travel they are sure to melt, so I'll have to bring something else instead.

Overall, this is a 100% on flavour and a fail on technique. These are so friggin' tasty it's a sin! The cake is so damn good that eating it in broken shards straight from the freezer is almost better than in a sandwich. I'm serious, I actually have a cracked batch in a ziploc bag for chocolate cravings. I was even thinking of making a batch of vanilla ice cream and dropping broken pieces of this cake into it for cookies and cream ice cream. For all the involved steps I'd say leave the sandwich making to Nestle. But for the experience, this is a really neat thing to try making on your own.

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