Thursday, December 8, 2011

roasted chicken and vegetables

We’re on such a winning streak with dinner lately I decided to take a chance on a vegetable I’ve always hated - acorn squash! The texture, smell and taste have always made my stomach turn, but I’m always willing to revisit something again every few years to see if things have changed. So I made Roasted Chicken with Vegetables from Everyday Food Great Food Fast. It was straightforward enough to prepare and I was convinced it was a winner.
Sadly enough, it was not. Despite accidentally forgetting to add the red onion, I doubt that could have saved this one. Not only could I not stomach it, Owen rightfully refused to eat it and Nuno didn’t enjoy it either.  The cremini mushrooms were just about the only thing good about this meal.  Yes, nothing has changed, acorn squash still retains every single aversive property I remember as a child.

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