Friday, August 27, 2010

spiced butterflied leg of lamb with lemon orzo and cabbage and fennel slaw

We eat like kings & peasants alike and it couldn't be better illustrated than yesterday's meal and the aftermath. Last night we enjoyed Spiced Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Lemon Orzo and Cabbage and Fennel Slaw. Sounds sophisticated, but it was a super easy meal to prepare!

I nearly counted out lamb altogether with my previous Everyday Food lamb experience. Then it came down to buying a leg of lamb. I was only after a pound, but I guess when you buy a leg of lamb you must commit to the entire leg. I ended up walking out with five pounds of meat that I didn't expect to really enjoy eating. But with an open mind I portioned the lamb all the while thinking of how I just returned home from Happy Rolph's petting farm with Owen after showing him the woolly lambs. Now he was going to eat it for dinner. How cruel? Well, I'm over it because this piece of meat was insanely delicious! I'm so happy to report that this entire meal was a ticket to Greece on a plate. Lemon, Lamb, Fennel! All so wonderful I haven't a twinge of guilt over the lamb or the cost to purchase the meat. A glass of Inniskillin 2007 Reserve Cabernet Franc (Winner of Best Red Wine Cuvée 2010) on the side and we were eating like kings. Owen had steamed lamb and the lemon orzo blitzed in the processor and I guess I don't need to state the obvious, but he loved it.

Later that night we took the deep fryer outside and fried a whole whack of corn dogs. I needed something portable for the mom meet-up since the ice cream bars are no longer an option.

With the left over corn dog batter, Nuno concocted a Chocolate and Banana Johnny Cake this morning. Your killing me Nuno!

I then took a moment to reflect on my recent eating habits and for the first time in a long time I'm thinking things are getting a little too indulgent around here. Ice cream made with whipping cream and turned into sandwiches, deep fried feasts, brownies, red wine and red meat. This will probably end up with us having to find a way of easing off the summer of indulgence. September will be when we start exercising restraint. And exercising!

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