Monday, September 6, 2010

raisin-bran muffins

Although back-to-school doesn't affect anyone in our home yet, the rest of my family refers to tomorrow as 'New Years Day'. My parents and sister are all in education so I decided to make Everyday Food's Raisin-Bran Muffins to help them on their way tomorrow.

These are super-hearty to help everyone hopefully stay full till the lunch bell rings. These muffins are quite dense and heavy. Not the type of muffins I tend to like which are light, rich, cakey and fresh fruit filled. But there is definitely a place for a good bran muffin. I love the idea of making these for the week of back to school because they freeze very well. If you remember to take one out in the evening, it will be defrosted by 7am for breakfast so you'll have one less thing to worry about when attempting to get into a new routine.

Another reason these are great is because they are so simple. I think this would be a great recipe for kids to help make. All the ingredients are familiar and it requires nothing more than measuring, mixing and baking.

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