Wednesday, December 14, 2011

moroccan chicken couscous

What a surprise, this Moroccan Chicken Couscous from Great Food Fast is one incredible dinner. The idea of eating boiled chicken and vegetables (you don't even brown the outside first!) was not appealing at all. This dinner could potentially been bad on so many levels, but it's absolutely delicious. The couscous absorbs the sauce and I love the combination of chickpeas and couscous together. There are many spices that go into this fragrant dinner. The veggies were perfectly cooked - yes, even the boiled zucchini was perfect. I'm so glad we nailed it!
The zucchini eventually got soggy and we had to toss it later that night, but the rest of the ingredients held up and lasted us over 2 meals (we eventually had to trash the rest because it went so far). This dish really is so economical. Owen had second and even third helpings asking for more "couscous" which he sounds so adorable saying. Real keeper.

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