Monday, December 5, 2011

recipe to riches review

I'm not much of a TV watcher but there is a new show here in Canada on the Food Network called Recipe to Riches. It features homecooks entering their most prized recipe into a contest to win $250,000 and have their recipe become a President's Choice food product. Sweet! Every week there are three contestants who enter their recipe into a batch-up challenge to attempt to translate it to the mass market. The first part of the show is like the first few episodes of American Idol where judges ridicule and praise. The final winner of each episode has their recipe available in all Weston/Loblaw supermarkets. I've been making every attempt to tune in to this show because it is pretty cool to see a cross section of Canadians share their culinary stories. I know, for me, my favourite recipes are ones that have been in families for generations and the stories behind them. It took a 'tax-free' Saturday to lure me into Zehers this weekend where I purchased two of the winning contestants products. The first was Grandma Glo's Lemon Pudding and the second is The Smart Cookie.  
Superficially, what is with this packaging? It's horrid! The illustrations are so gawdy. Strictly from a designer perspective they really are super unattractive.
Now for the taste-test. Grandma Glo's Luscious Lemon Pudding is easy to bake and is simply to-die-for. This soft warm pudding cake is everything I love in a dessert. Anyone who enjoys lemon desserts must try this. It tastes homemade and is just outstanding.
The Gluten-Free Smart Cookies, well, they are another story. They are light and crispy, which can be nice, but they are so sicky sweet they are almost inedible. The love the coconut flavour coming through, but you are hit with too much sugar & spice making them too intense. I'm not quite sure I'll try all the contestants entries because I'm more of a 'make it yourself' type.
This Wednesday Recipe To Riches is having a marathon back to back of all episodes (on Food Network Canada which is now on free preview for those who do not subscribe). The winner will be determined by nationwide vote beginning that same day.

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