Wednesday, September 1, 2010

red snapper veracruzano and roasted tomatillos and tomatoes

Looks like we're on a Mexican kick with Red Snapper Veracruzano and Roasted Tomatillos and Tomatoes.

I've never tasted red snapper before and I was a little unsure about this entire recipe. It just didn't seem too appealing. Believe it or not, red snapper is difficult to find because it's very popular right now. I kept having to call the seafood departments of all the grocery stores to make sure it was in. Luckily I grabbed our B.C. snapper fillets just as the shipment came in meaning that it was super fresh. It did smell a little fishy, but I'm thinking it may always be that way because it's not a mild tasting fish like tilapia. This Red Snapper Veracruzano recipe is amazing. It is the best fish dish I've ever made because the fish has a very rich and buttery flavour. It's almost a special occasion dinner because it really tastes like eating out. But from start to finish it's super quick and easy that it can be a weeknight dinner. I love being pleasantly surprised and am so glad I discovered this recipe. This rates as one of the best recipes in the book and we will definitely be making this regularly from now on. Especially because Owen really enjoyed the red snapper as well. He had an unseasoned portion of snapper with half an avocado, greek yogurt and a little Old Bay seasoning.

I doubt we will be making the Roasted Tomatillos and Tomatoes quite as much in the future. This was a long process of over an hour of roasting in the oven. Not the sort of dinner you'd be able to pull off after work. I also have to bring up the tomatillo situation. Like yesterday's post about hard to find ingredients, tomatillos aren't easy to find at all. I picked up a pound at El Milagro where the owner husks, cleans and freezes them. They seemed to work out OK, although they were quite soft once defrosted. Didn't matter so much for this dish because you want the tomatoes to render juices as they roast. I really enjoyed the roasted plum tomato flavour. This is now my favourite way to eat a roma tomato. Between Monday & Tuesdays dinners we've managed to polish off an entire basket of roma tomatoes.

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