Wednesday, October 6, 2010

parsnip fries and a desperate plea to MSLO

These are last night's Parsnip Fries that went along with the leftovers from Monday night's strip steak. Not much to say here other than they were tough, chewy and not the most pleasant of flavours. I love caramelized parsnips as part of a baked root vegetable tray, but on their own there isn't too much to enjoy. Especially since potatoes and sweet potatoes make better fries.

I don't want to sound like I'm addicted to Martha Stewart or anything. I bet tons of people who read this blog think I worship her or something. I really respect her business savvy - she fills a niche and, yes, profits. The two things I like most about her brand is that she hires some the most creative & talented people and encourages people to eat fresh, healthy and local. 

One thing that is kinda bugging me about the Martha Stewart camp is how it has its limitation to the Canadian market. Now, the Everyday Food publication's best issues are always October and November because of Halloween & Thanksgiving. But as we approach Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, I always have to pull out the previous year's November issue for Thanksgiving inspiration. Another problem I have is, of course, the measurements. Here in Canada we're imperial, so ounces are just something I've learned to estimate on my own since our labels don't indicate. Because of the show Breaking Bad, I learned there are 16oz to a pound (a measurement I can accurately guess-timate in one hand), so that's really helped me while shopping. Finally, I'm totally ticked that the Martha Stewart Show, Everyday Food and the brand new, Mad Hungry (remember this book I picked up a few months ago - Lucinda Scala Quinn now has her own show about feeding men and boys) are all on the Hallmark Channel. This is only available in the US, how are we supposed to see any of these shows when they are EXCLUSIVE to this channel?! 

Yeah, MSLO - if you're out there and listening, can you please find a way of helping us foreigners feel a little more included?! Maybe an exclusive Canadian addition of your publications and a broader reach on all your television shows?

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