Tuesday, September 14, 2010

goat cheese-leek tart

Sunday night we enjoyed Everyday Food's Goat Cheese-Leek Tart.

Reading the recipe I knew this was going to be delicious but I didn't realize how easy this was until I blinked and it was done. It was most likely this quick because I used a store bought crust. I chose to do this because I wasn't sure if this recipe would even work out with the way our oven's been lately. I decided to alter the baking instructions because of this oven issue. I used my pizza stone to help crisp the bottom and baked the tart on the top third portion of the oven. These two revisions made the recipe work out great, but it would have been quicker, easier and nicer if we could just replace our wall oven.

This recipe is so very good and very decadent. It tastes similar to a quiche, but without the eggs, which suits me. We had a mixed green salad with heirloom tomatoes, shaved cucumber and radishes. Ooh la la, c'est bon!

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