Saturday, July 24, 2010

peach and wild blueberry buckle

I'm up north right now. Do you know what being up north means for fruit? Wild Blueberries!! I'm totally obsessed!! I'm on a quest to pick them for free because a basket costs $30. You heard me right, 2 quarts at the North Bay Farmer's Market this morning. But if you haven't had wild blueberries, well, you haven't experienced a blueberry.

We grew up blueberry picking on jagged rocks in the bush as kids. I now understand why our parents took us - cheap labour! No, it really was fun. Well, according to my grandmother, the berries aren't as plentiful as they used to be, so it looks like I'm forced to dole out the dough to enjoy this treat.

It's well worth the price even just for a pint if you can bake with blueberries the same day, so I made the Peach Buckle recipe from Everyday Food and substituted a cup of peaches for blueberries. What an amazing dessert!

What it took to make it happen, well that's a story onto itself. Here is the cottage's hand mixer, avocado and still in its original box!

It gave off a slight burning odor when the motor ran for a couple minutes, but it got the job done. Next, I had to find a baking dish in the cottage where my grandma admits she hasn't baked in for years. Luckily, I found a Pyrex dish hidden away. Lastly, I had to use the cottage's gas stove from 1950 (I'd guess) which no one was sure if it was even temperature calibrated. I just took a chance and the buckle turned out amazingly! We enjoyed this out on the porch this evening, what a delightful cottage treat this turned out to be. There were five adults and this dessert was only half eaten.

Once I'm done blogging about this I'm going straight back to grab another serving. I'm on vacation so two desserts in one night is perfectly appropriate.

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