Wednesday, June 9, 2010

skillet eggs and tomato sauce

This morning Nuno said he was thinking of having eggs for breakfast but didn't know which way to have them. That's when I piped in and offered to make Skillet Eggs and Tomato Sauce.

I checked the recipe and we had everything in our fridge & pantry to whip it up. Yep, even the anchovies. The recipe calls for an anchovy fillet, but you can now find anchovy paste at the supermarket and it's a great option because short of making an anchovy pizza, how can you possibly get through a tin of anchovy fillets without throwing some out? I also modified the cooking process a little bit. To begin it indicates to cook the onions & garlic in oil over medium high heat and cook until onions are soft. I know better than to throw garlic in at the same time as onions because it will surely burn. I've counted several recipes in Everyday Food that ask for garlic to be added way too early and potentially burning. Everything worked out perfectly (thank goodness, I thought yesterday was the beginning of a cooking curse) and this is a definite make again.

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