Saturday, May 8, 2010

curried shrimp

Yesterday, after dealing with car repair issues and a full day away from home, I wanted nothing more than to order in dinner. Or better yet, go out. We used to go out almost every Friday night and for the first time I missed being able to just go out to eat whenever we want to. But the plan was to have Curried Shrimp. Luckily, this was a quick prep recipe, so it all came together quickly. Once we tasted it it was just a good as going out for dinner. This was a very satisfying feeling to enjoy a dinner that tastes like we ordered in.

Nuno and I ate quite a bit of shrimp before I started cooking through Everyday Food, so it was nice to be able to enjoy a shrimp dish after a long stretch. This recipe called for a jalapeno pepper which I thought was really odd for an Indian recipe. But it works! One item I had never purchased before was Madras Curry powder. This was another item we picked up at Whole Foods last weekend. I'm pleased we went to the effort of buying a nice tin of it because this is the main flavour that comes through the meal and makes it taste like something you'd order at a restaurant. I never imagined I could make something like this on my own with simple, healthy and low fat ingredients. We'll definitely make this again in the future and possibly switch out shrimp for chicken thighs. I could even see this working out in a slow cooker.

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