Monday, May 10, 2010

my first mother's day

I just don't think there is any better feeling than being a mom and this Mother's Day proved it! It was so perfect I can't believe I'll get to celebrate like this for years to come.

Owen gave me these beautiful flowers. He gave grandma flowers too. If he keeps this up he'll be a little charmer to his girlfriends.

Nuno gave me a couple amazing gifts. Nope, not a new car. Our car had it's trunk ornament stolen when Katie had it at Red Square years ago and it was never replaced. It pretty much irritated me so much I didn't ever want to talk about it and when I did I couldn't help but be mega annoyed.

I've also joined the 21st century and am finally a cellphony! I can text and call in emergencies. This will totally come in handy so I don't have to have a mini heart attack anytime someone calls the house and wakes Owen out of a nap. Home phones are now turned off and texting is on!

We all went out for brunch at Legends on the Niagara Golf Course. This is where it's at as far as brunch buffets go. This is the one buffet I go all out because it's impossible to resist. Eggs benedict, waffles, scones, muffins, bacon, sausage, seafood salad, pastas, salmon, pork, carving station. Oh, they have the best asparagus with blue cheese dressing. And, desserts, well at least 20 different pies and cakes, cookies, squares, apple crisp and a bananas foster station.

Owen was as good as gold as we enjoyed our brunch. Since this week marks his 6 month birthday and he'll be starting solids, I decided to give him a treat. He tasted whipped cream from my finger! He made a perplexed face as he tasted it, but then gave a big smile.

If I wasn't convinced Owen needed to start eating food, he proved it today. He grabbed a spoon right from the table and put it in his mouth. He even put the proper end right in.

He made the rounds around the table and posed for loads of photos. Nuno and I don't often get a family photo, but this one was snapped and we love Owen's smile.

It's now super easy to buy for my parents. All they need is a gift that includes Owen and they are as pleased as punch. As we were leaving Welland my dad told Owen how seeing him is the best part of his day and what a happy day yesterday was. He said it with such conviction and it was so sincere and heartfelt. It's really great to see my parents enjoy their grandson the way they do.

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