Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ham struffed chicken with broccoli

One recipe I’d always wanted to try to make from scratch is a homemade chicken cordon-bleu. While flipping through the new Everyday Food Light book I stumbled upon Ham Stuffed Chicken with Broccoli and assumed that it was exactly what I was after. Turns out this recipe doesn’t include cheese, which I had initially wanted. But we made this dinner exactly as the recipe instructed (except using fresh sage instead of dried and fresh broccoli instead of frozen) and it was truly outstanding. 
The result is a very nice moist chicken and stuffing. Incredibly quick & easy and was perfect for a Sunday night dinner. It certainly didn’t need (and we didn’t miss) the cheese element I had hoped for. What a great start to experimenting with the new Everyday Food Light book. This dinner didn’t taste light – it was just delicious. 

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