Friday, January 27, 2012

gnocchi with broccoli pesto

There was an interesting recipe published in this January's issue of Everyday Food for Pasta with White Beans and Broccoli Pesto. We used the pesto portion of the recipe and paired it with gnocchi last night. 
The seasoning on this pesto is spot-on with a nice lemon and garlic flavour. We love the texture of this pesto because it has body and substance. The thing that really turned Nuno off pesto was how pungent it tends to be - this recipe eliminates that. Because it doesn't call for pine nuts, it's a very economical pesto to make. The broccoli/potato pairing is really nice, I doubt we'd ever try the recipe the way it was initially intended to be eaten. The tender gnocchi dumplings absorb a lot of the pesto which we liked a lot. Owen loved it, so it's an all around winner. DELICIOUS!

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Blond├Żna said...

yum yum.. I love it....