Tuesday, October 26, 2010

london broil with potatoes and peppers and roasted cauliflower with paprika

There is a strange situation with London Broil here in Niagara (and possibly all of Ontario?). If you go to any butcher around here and ask for a "London Broil" they will sell you a sausage patty wrapped in a thin slice of sirloin. I've tried it and it's not good. For years I wondered why, when Tony Soprano gets clocked with a London Broil, it was just a big hunk of red meat. But when I read the entire recipe in Everyday Food, I'm so glad they made the distinction that in the US a London Boil is a top round steak and it actually refers to the way it's sliced - across the grain (which to me is how you should be slicing flank or top round). I went to my butcher and asked for a pound and a half of sirloin and it worked beautifully for this recipe. It was simply seasoned with s&p and paprika and then boiled in the oven for 8 - 10 minutes for medium rare. Sliced up beautifully.

Alongside were potatoes and peppers pan-fried and cauliflower roasted with the same seasoning as the meat. It was all very delicious but time consuming. I'm beginning to realize there is no way Owen, Nuno and I can continue to eat dinners like these once I'm back to work. It was hard enough picking Owen up from day care and coordinating this dinner.

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Kara said...

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