Friday, October 15, 2010

update on MSLO and canadians

I blogged a bit of a critique on how Everyday Food has its limitations for Canadians a week ago. I got a very prompt response from the television department of MSLO in response to my blog post and I wanted to publish what they indicated.

Thank you for contacting Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
We appreciate your support of the Martha Stewart Show. We're sorry to hear that you are not be able to view the show on the Hallmark Channel.
As you may have heard, moving to the Hallmark Channel means we will air more than once each day and offer more content. Our viewers have told us that they would like more opportunities to view Martha, and more in-depth programming and holiday-themed specials.
Our new arrangement with the Hallmark Channel allows us to better serve most of our viewers.
We appreciate your feedback, and will share your concerns with our television staff, in addition to Martha Stewart.

Thank you once again for your interest.
MSLO Customer Relations

So that's not exactly what I wanted to hear. I guess I was hoping they were going to make their television shows available to view online. But since I've expressed my observation and they will take it under consideration, that certainly counts. As does their prompt reply. I feel very validated that they took the time to recognize my concerns.


alicia said...

i kind of feel like they owe you one. your delicious preparations of martha recipes make me want to almost consider thinking about possibly cooking! that's gotta be worth something, right?

Erin said...

Ah, haha, I doubt that carries much weight with them. But that's a super nice thought on your part :)