Sunday, July 31, 2011

potato salad with sour cream and scallions and thai-style steak salad

Nothing could feel more like a summer supper than eating Grilled Rib Eye Steaks with a side of Potato Salad with Sour Cream and Scallions (from Everyday Food Great Food Fast). I've got to laugh about Nuno's barbequing skills on this dinner. I sent him out with several rib eye steaks and asked that he put my homemade BBQ sauce on. So he heats the BBQ up to 700 degrees, throws the steaks on and is back in mere minutes. Nothing unusual right? Well in those mere moments he not only perfectly seared the outside of the steaks with a pink centre but he also caught the BBQ on fire (from the amount of fat rendered from these steaks) and smothered it out using the rest of the BBQ sauce.
It wasn't until I had this potato salad did I realize how much I love potatoes. I'm never tempted by fries or chips and would choose a garden salad over a potato side any day, but this potato salad might just be one of the most pleasurable things I can imagine eating. So cool, creamy and rich. Then top it with bacon and we're talking. Ah, it's too good.
Then with our leftover rib eyes from the previous night's dinner we had this Thai-Style Steak Salad from Everyday Food Great Food Fast.
I absolutely LOVE this salad. If you like salad rolls, this is the way to have it for an entire dinner. And have you ever made salad rolls? I have, and they took 2 hours. Well, this is super easy and crazy delicious. This salad makes up for that friggin' France salad from the other night.

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