Tuesday, August 23, 2011

tomato and grilled-bread salad

Here's a recipe that didn't seem appealing from Everyday Food Great Food Fast for a Tomato and Grilled-Bread Salad. But I always wanted to say I knew how to make 'Panzanella' so we had it for dinner the other night.

And it's great! It tastes like a more rustic bruschetta. The reason this tastes better is because you grill (or in our case barbecue) slices of day old country loaf. Just another great way to eat fresh tomatoes because if you're anything like me we must get as many meals out of farm stand tomatoes before we are left with the mealy, watery grocery store tomatoes for the rest of the year.

Besides tomatoes this salad includes fresh cucumbers, basil and red wine vinegar. All the flavours work very well together but once it's mixed there's no turning back. You must eat it straight away or you're left with soggy bread.

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