Wednesday, August 10, 2011

the beer rule

While on vacation I make certain exceptions. One of which is that it’s perfectly OK to have a beer at noon. So I might sound slightly dipsomaniac, but when you are in a city with so many different beers (most of which aren't available in Ontario), you need to spread the love throughout the day. My sister hipped me to the standard beer, Boreale. This blond is light and refreshing in the summer heat and can be found in almost all restaurants in Montreal. 
We sought out a couple different brewpubs & brasseries for tastings of their craft beer selections. The first one is Vices and Versa located on boul Saint-Laurent just south of Little Italy. 
This place is a beautiful spot with a lush and green patio. Because the weather was so gorgeous we couldn't help but spend couple hours just relaxing on their patio.
Here Nuno enjoyed a Rye IPA and I had Routes des Epices. All the beers available here are brewed in Quebec and their food is also local to Montreal. 
This was probably our favourite hangout spot our entire trip.

The other great beer spot in Montreal is Dieu du Ciel located in the Mile End on rue Laurier Ouest.
Nuno’s brother recommended this spot and a great one it is! All beers served here are brewed by the pub themselves. 
As you can tell by their chalkboard list, there is a ton of variety and we tried samples of at least half of them. 
My absolute favourite was Rosee d’Hibiscus. It was so unique and unlike anything I've had before. It was slightly pink with a very nice herbal flavour. Yes, very girly - but it very tasty.


alicia said...

what does it say about me that i ALWAYS feel like it's ok to have a beer at noon? don't answer that...

Erin said...

Geez, yeah, we’re both from Welland, why would we even question if it’s socially acceptable to start drinking at noon?! ;)

alicia said...

i have to say that since i moved here i really miss seeing men in jean cut-offs riding ten speeds around welland with cases of beer on the handle bars...


Erin said...

Or how about those crafty men who MacGyver a cooler into a bike trailer?