Friday, August 12, 2011

you knew it was coming... bagels!

And what final entry about Montreal would be complete without mention of bagels? Every tour book lays it out for you - the choice between Fairmount or St. Viateur. And what a struggle it is.
First we stumbled upon Fairmount just by strolling around. So I stopped in for a chocolate bagel. This bagel had a dried fruit and nut flavour to it which I wasn't expecting. There was a lot of variety here so if you're into interesting bagel variations this would be your stop.
The very last thing we did in Montreal was trek out to St. Viateur just hours before hopping on our plane back home. 
That was so we could take our 4 dozen bagels and freeze them hours later. This plan seemed fool-proof, that was before Porter left our luggage behind in Montreal. Luckily it was only 12 hours later our baggage arrived at our doorstep and the bagels were no worse for wear. And with all the effort we went to, one bite and it's so worth it!
What a trip, what a city, what an experience! And we're going back next year!


alicia said...

my mom's boyfriend has bagels shipped to him from montreal once a month. and yes, it's totally worth it!

sere said...

I do that too! Can't live without them! Worth every penny. I get mine from Mount Royal Bagel, the best! Their number is 1-877-LEBAGEL if you're interested!