Sunday, August 8, 2010

grilled steak with southwestern three-tomato salsa and grilled peach salsa

I'm a little behind in blogging about Friday night's dinner of Grilled Steak with Southwestern Three-Tomato Salsa and a side of Grilled Peach Salsa.

The Southwestern Three-Tomato Salsa was a blend of fresh field tomatoes, heirloom tomato assortment (from Inn the Pines) and jarred sundried tomatoes. It was very nice on steak, almost a little too flavourful because I'm not sure I really got much steak flavour through.

The Peach Salsa was delicious! It pretty much goes with any type of fish or meat. The recipe made tons so we have it around for the next few days to eat on the side. Chipotles go so well with peaches! Seriously.

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