Saturday, September 4, 2010

creamy lemon squares

Have you ever had a feeling or emotion attached to food? I'll always remember this particular recipe as the Guilty Creamy Lemon Squares. Guilty not because of how decadent they are using an entire can of condensed milk and half a cup of butter. Nope. I have a story about the last time I made these that I probably shouldn't, but I feel as though I can't properly blog about without sharing.

For years I've been making these lemon squares since this recipe was first published in Everyday Food's June 2008 issue. Oh, it's a good one - a real crowd pleaser. I actually
blogged about it a few years ago here. Then several years ago my sister-in-law was holding a Christmas Cookie Exchange and sent out a mass email inviting a whole bunch of girls over to participate. I already had alternate plans, but I didn't RSVP. The day before I got a call from my mother-in-law and she seemed pretty hyped up that I wasn't able to attend. I remember hanging up the phone and feeling SO insanely guilty that I obviously wasn't thinking straight and baked a quick batch of these (because I had all the ingredients in the house). I typed up the recipe and sent them in with my mother-in-law to try and make amends.

I learned some major lessons through this recipe. First, take the time to consider how appropriate your food contribution is to an event. These are not a cookie exchange type of bar. They are soft and sticky and I'm sure anyone who took one of these had lemon custard smudged on all the cookies that piled near it. Second, always RSVP even if it's an online invite. Thirdly, don't let someone make you feel a certain way - yeah, easier said than done. Lastly, when sharing a recipe always credit the source. Here's the card I sent through with the squares - I didn't credit Everyday Food *gasp* Check it out:

Maybe a more accurate title for these squares should be Social Faux Pax Squares.

But onto brighter days, I now have a wonderful association with these squares! I baked them for dessert on a farewell and good luck dinner for my sister last night who's moving to Toronto for a teaching job. These lemon squares were paired with Inniskillin Sparkling Ice Wine and it was an incredible combination. I've never had a dessert wine paired so nicely with a sweet, it really was wonderful.

We wish you the best of luck Katie. We'll miss you being close but look forward to having you with us for Sunday dinners.

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