Sunday, December 18, 2011

butternut squash soup

We made Everyday Food Great Food Fast's Butternut Squash soup the other night.
And it wasn't great. My biggest beef with this recipe is that it indicates to slice your peeled fresh ginger and simmer it along with the other vegetables. This step went against my inclinations (which is to always grate fresh ginger), but I trusted it enough to go ahead.  Well, the fibrous ginger root did not break down even after pureeing leaving what looked like bull mastiff hairs in the soup. It was so off-putting. Beyond that, the orange juice flavour was too strong and I like having a bit of spice in my soup. I also like butternut squash soup to have a bit of a sour note, so I added a lot of sour cream (yogurt would be great too). The flavours on this one just don't work for me. However, the garnish of Spicy Pumpkin Seeds were delicious! I'm still snacking on them days later.

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