Thursday, November 3, 2011

spicy enchiladas with pumpkin sauce

This Halloween has been fun in a whole new way. It's been a total blast enjoying Halloween right along with Owen we are all sad to see it come to a close. But I'm thinking after today it will be all too soon before I see another can of pumpkin puree. What is great about buying pumpkin puree is that the cans are so large that once one is open you can usually get two different recipes out of one single can. With the leftover pumpkin from the Pumpkin-Spice Muffins we decided to make the Spicy Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce from Everyday Food Great Food Fast.
This recipe indicates you should expect to get 8 enchiladas, but I only managed 4 - which was OK because we couldn't possibly have eaten more than one each. The white cheddar is a perfect compliment to the spicy pumpkin sauce. I found that this recipe was a little heavy-handed on the salt and we could probably get away with half the recommended amount. We rarely eat enchiladas, or any Mexican anymore, but since Owen's able to eat everything we eat, I think enchiladas are a great way to get him going on spicy food. Spicy Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce is a great recipe to make early in the morning and heat later in the day. Works perfect before trick-or-treating and we might have just started a new family tradition.
If you can manage to get the sugar saturated kids to bed, then this is the beer you want to relax with. This is Southern Tier's Pumking ale and it's, hands down, the best beer I've ever tasted. There are a lot of Autumnal brews out there, most of which are good, but this one is great! Southern Tier is my favourite brewery. I wish they were closer to take a tour again, but they are practically near the Pennsylvania border, so the next best think is to pick up growlers at Consumer's Beverage.


Mig said...

you should try mixing the pumpking and chocolate stout. it's amazing when you get it just right.

alicia said...

that sounds SO delicious and i love your jack-o-lantern! :D