Friday, November 11, 2011

lo mein with pork

Another recipe that looked great in this month's issue of Everyday Food was Lo Mein with Pork.
Like any stirfry type of meal, there is quite a lot of prep required even if the cooking time is quick. Grating 9 garlic cloves (yes, nine!) and a huge piece of ginger was time consuming enough, but what really gets me are the snow peas. I hate steming and deveining snow peas. This may sound just short of ordering take-out, but if pre-stemmed and deveined snow peas were sold in stores, I'd certainly PAY to have that task completed.
This was a nice dinner that tasted like a healthier version of take-out. I think chicken might taste even better than pork, so if we make it again I'd substitute. This dinner made so much we were still trying to finish it the next day. So Nuno had the genius idea of adding siracha sauce. This dish needs an element of heat behind it, so next time I might add some chili flakes during the garlic & ginger saute step.

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