Wednesday, August 17, 2011

grasshopper sundaes

I love when a recipe is so easy that you can make it right away whenever the craving hits. This Grasshopper Sundae from Everyday Food Great Food Fast is my new go-to summer treat.
I've been eating these for weeks but I never had the discipline to snap a photo before diving right in. Not that I need to explain, but I will anyways. This is two Mr. Christie chocolate wafer cookies with mint chip ice cream topped with a chocolate sauce and a sprig of mint. It might not sound like much but it packs a great flavour, in my opinion, superior to an ice cream cone. Here's why, the wafers are dark chocolate and provide a nice contrast to ice cream. That's why I think this works great as an ice cream sandwich using any other light ice cream flavour. It's also great because the wafers are the exact size of one scoop of ice cream providing portion control... if that's your thing.

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