Sunday, August 28, 2011

peach and blue cheese salad

I mentioned about how Nuno and I ate at a restaurant called Garde-Manger while in Montreal. This is where the television show "Chuck's Day Off" takes place (on Food Network Canada and Cooking Channel USA). I have to admit, I never watched an episode of the show before going there for dinner. I just liked that it was a block away from our hotel and it had very good reviews. But now that I'm home I decided to tune into an episode and Chuck Hugh's recipes look outstanding! The way they present the restaurant on the show as a bustling hip hangout with beautiful people is really how this restaurant is!
So upon my first viewing I couldn't resist trying this Peach and Blue Cheese Salad. He had me at blue cheese!
This salad is fantastic! While eating it I kept thinking about how happy I'd be if I'd ordered this in a restaurant. But, no, I made this at home all with ingredients I had around. Bravo Chuck, bravo!