Tuesday, June 8, 2010

chocolate mousse

OK, we have our official beyond repair total friggin' disaster of a recipe. It seems so simple, but I managed to fudge up the Chocolate Mousse. I guess it's not really a surprise since I mangled the chocolate sauce for the Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream. Yes, chocolate and I don't mix. I'm a little ticked about this one. It took some cherished ingredients - notably the left over yolks from the Dill Feta Eggs along with some not so cheap chocolate.

Here is the chocolate mousse up to just short of the final step. It set up in the fridge and after taking a taste this could make the most decadent rich truffles you've ever had. So I inadvertently made a ganache. I might try and salvage this if I can come up with a baking recipe that doesn't require the oven.

I actually entertained the thought of tricking all five of you readers into thinking this turned out by buying chocolate pudding and cool whip and taking a photo of it. How could I? I have to be honest even if the truth of working through Everyday Food doesn't always pan out. Oh well, looking back, did I really want to be the only one eating chocolate, heavy cream, egg yolks and sugar? I think this was possibly divine waistline intervention!

You've got the best of me chocolate, I can not tame you. So we'll let this one die gracefully, never to be made again.

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