Monday, March 22, 2010

thyme-roasted chicken with potatoes & snap-pea saute

We usually spend Sunday evenings at my parents or Nuno's, but this week Nuno and I held our own Sunday dinner at home. We had a very traditional meal of Thyme-Roasted Chicken with Potatoes with a side of Snap-Pea Saute. This time around I was not going to have another potato disaster like last week's roast beef and potato mess up. So my solution was to par-boil the cut potatoes first and then roast according to Everyday Food's directions. The rest of the recipe was quite accurate, we took the chickens out exactly as directed and look at this dinner of beauty!

I'm super proud of myself for making a traditional dinner like this since I'm so inexperienced in this sort of cooking. Having said that, I've made a few roast chickens in my day. The only way I've done it is to pull back the skin on the breast and season between the meat and skin with herbs and salt. I also season down the cavity of the chicken. It always works out and this recipe called for the same technique.

In order to get the potatoes the way I like them (super toasted and crispy) I placed them on a baking sheet back in the oven with the broiler on high while the chickens rested. And it worked out perfectly.

The side was another Everyday Food recipe of snap pea saute. Dead simple. We now have tons of left over chicken for all the chicken recipes this week.

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