Tuesday, March 9, 2010

presenting a complete baby nursery!

I didn't really have an official presentation of Owen's nursery.

Nuno and I never felt like it was complete until this weekend when we assembled Owen's bookshelf. It's funny that a 3 month old can have such an extensive collection of books. They are mostly board books but we also have my childhood collection of Beatrix Potter books. The shelf itself is actually constructed in a similar style to the crib (with tapered legs) and the wood matches the glider & crib in a cherry finish.

The train bookends are hand crafted and were given to Owen from Uncle Joe, Aunt Sara and Paige.

This puggy bank was given by Aunt Sandy and Uncle Paul with an engraved collar for Owen's First Christmas.

This before shot is from last July when we started the nursery. Nuno didn't really grab a very telling photo, but you get the idea. This was our spare bedroom in pukey green.

Owen's room is, we think, the nicest room in our home. Our bedroom is quite lack-luster with a high quality mattress & beautiful handmade quilt being the only items worth anything. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

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