Thursday, May 19, 2011

linguine with sausage and peppers

A couple of years ago I started my stand off with sausage. I decided that it wasn't exactly the healthiest choice and, with all the other delicious things to eat in this world, sausage just didn't have to be a consideration. But recently a coworker told me about this little Italian market on Garnet Street in St. Catharines called Rosa's where she intrigued me with her raves on their made on-site Italian sausage. 

So this weekend I fought the Sunday church crowd for some wonderful homemade Italian groceries. I worked Rosa's sausage into Linguine with Sausage and Peppers from the first Everyday Food Book, Great Food Fast. We chose the mild Italian sausage because Owen was going to be sharing this dinner and we didn't know what kind of spice level to expect from Rosas.

This recipe was a real winner for all three of us. First off, it's easy! It's about as brain-shut-off as you'd want on a busy Monday with a toddler tugging on your skirt. But I should warn - no toddlers in the kitchen when frying sausage - Mega Splatter Danger!

The other best part about this dinner is the final addition of arugula. Or in my case equal parts pasta to arugula. I'm so crazy over baby arugula. It's holds up really nicely when cooked into something like a pasta.

I think next time I'll make half mild Italian and half hot because I really think this recipe could use a bit more of a bite. 

Saturated fat aside, maybe sausage isn't such a bad thing... once in a long while.

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