Sunday, May 1, 2011

beauty weekend

This weekend Nuno and I got away to Toronto. Owen stayed with Grandma & Grandpa so that we could go to Hot Docs to see the documentary Beauty Day.
This documentary was directed by a friend of ours, Jay Cheel. Beauty Day is about local Niagara legend Ralph Zavadil aka. Cap'n Video, an early 90's cable TV personality who filmed himself attempting extreme stunts in and around his home.
This documentary is hilarious, touching and a total blast to watch. We had a screener copy for the past few months in which time I've probably seen it 10 times. It was perfect for putting in time on those days when Owen was mid-day napping on at-home sick days. Upon repeated viewings of this documentary I found myself tearing up at key scenes which involved the relationship with is ex Nancy Dewar and the discovery of his daughter. Jay captured so many genuine moments that this documentary has a way of drawing you right into Ralph's life. I guess this is why I felt so compelled to see it at Hot Docs because this would be the very first time Ralph would be watching it. Not only that, we would get to see the final cut on 35mm, which is very cool as well.
On our way to Toronto our route to get on the highway took us to the Cap'ns neighbourhood. We peeked down the street to find a white stretch limo parked outside ready to whisk the Cap'n onto his movie premier.
While waiting in line to enter the theatre the Cap'n skateboarded up Charles Street with a pink hairy bag of popcorn.
As a filmmaker Jay has a perfectly executed artistic direction, story pacing and delivery. I really hope this documentary gets maximum exposure because there is no doubt in my mind that it will be successful.

Saturday was my sister Katie's birthday party. She decided to have it at the Duke for karaoke. The karaoke host is legendary 60's wrestler Sweet Daddy Siki. It was awesome and tons of fun especially when the birthday girl got up and belted out 'My Ding a Ling'.
And what's a birthday without one of Nuno's cakes these days? Katie is a huge fan of Gumby so this cake was perfectly suited.

Over the past 2 days we've seen so many friends and family, some we go months without keeping in touch with! It was incredible to just hang out at places like the Duke, Hot Docs, Burger Bar & Tequila Lounge and be surrounded by so many people we love. Seems like everyone is in Toronto now while we live in Niagara. Hopefully we will have a few more Toronto weekends this summer.

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