Sunday, June 20, 2010

orzo with chicken, corn and green beans and shaved beet salad

Saturday night was Orzo with Chicken and Green Beans and Shaved Beet Salad. There are several things about this meal that I really like. First off, it's a make ahead meal. Secondly, you can use left-over shredded chicken. So the only real effort that goes into this meal is to cook the orzo and green beans and then sautee garlic and corn. Everything is then mixed together and chilled (or served at room temperature). Nuno and I spend Saturday mornings shopping at the St. Catharines market for as much of our week's produce as possible. The green beans were from the market and there really wasn't anything in this recipe that wouldn't be great for Owen.

Since the seasoning is the very last step in this recipe, an unseasoned portion of Chicken and Orzo was pureed for Owen for dinner. This was a very light dinner, so in the future I'll probably just make this as a lunch.

Now on to my most hellish cooking experience of all time. Slicing beets! There is certainly a level of hell reserved for those who will spend eternity slicing beets on a mandolin with rubber gloves. Why is this such a horrible experience? Well, first off, after washing the beets you must peel them. Rubber gloves, slippery beets and their spherical shape all make for the most awkward cooking experience anyone could ever go through. I kept having the beets slip out of my hands and onto my light shirt, onto the floor, into the sink and all over the counter. It was not fun. I swear this one off. I will never again make Saved Beet Salad!

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