Monday, February 6, 2012

spicy black-bean cakes

We're not big sports fans around here, but for some reason (probably the timing of the event in boring February) we always celebrate Superbowl.  It doesn't matter who plays, we just get together at my parents with homemade pizza and Buffalo wings and watch the game. My dad watches for the game and the rest of us for the commercials. My parents get DirectTV which is a feed from the US, so we are super lucky we don't have to suffer through the Canadian ads. This year I wanted a bit of a switch-up from what we usually have. So I decided to make these Spicy Black-Bean Cakes from Great Food Fast along with my guacamole. 
These cakes are a mixture of black beans, sweet potato and bread crumbs with Mexican seasoning. They were very time consuming to make and managed to dirty half the kitchen, so for a snack food I really don't think it's worth the effort. These taste very similar to a burrito mix I make probably because the cumin flavour is quite overwhelming. But we all enjoyed them and I have to admit, if I ordered these as an appetizer at a restaurant I'd be happy with them. There is a side of cilantro sour cream (which is delicious!) and I also paired my guacamole with them. Here Owen is showing how he is the guest no one wants to invite to parties since he not only double dips, he also drops chips in the dip and stuffed dog toys.
Well, he more than made up for it when he caught a glimpse of Madonna and proclaimed, "Man!" as she was flexing her arms.

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