Friday, February 10, 2012

listen loud

It's not always easy finding new music that I can really connect with since turning 30. I’m not sure why that is, I do give most indie bands an honest chance. Two bands that I love & continue to are Wye Oak & Deerhunter.

I discovered Wye Oak the old fashioned way – a music video on The Wedge. I knew right away from their sound that they were something I'd enjoy listening to. So I bought their albums from the iTunes Store. They sound like Cat Power’s album “What Would The Community Think?” with an elements of intense rock-out similar to Yo La Tengo. I'm itching to see them live.

For years now I've been non-stop loving Deerhunter. I think this band is creating some of the best and most unique rock music of this time. I discovered Deerhunter because I really loved Atlas Sound first (Bradford Cox is the frontman of both bands).

If anyone would like to share their recommendations of music they've been enjoying I'd love to hear!

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